Originally thought of as feminine, men started to wear wrist watches after the first World War, when they discovered how practical wrist watches were as compared to traditional pocket watches. The watches of the 1920s were heavily influenced by the Art Deco movement. And if you are a fan of the show and wish to recreate that same style on your wrist, Ariel has compiled a list of his favorite Art Deco style watches.

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German Sinn watches are known for serious professional-use timepieces and not much else. A design-oriented novelty watch, no matter how well-made, just isn't part of their DNA. That doesn't mean they haven't dabbled in fanciful things though. Who do they think they are? Fortis?... Back in 2010 I wrote about a very strange watch called Sinn 902 here. It was a sort of petite-men's watch with a unique cushion-shaped case and a three-hand movement. It was based on a series of timepieces that Sinn produced for Audi a few years earlier. Among those Audi models was a chronograph version of the unique cushion watch.

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The luminal space where emotion ends and where business begins is perhaps what this law aims to make concrete. Lots of economic interest rides on it, both for the Swiss and for foreign watch companies wanting to get a piece of the "Swiss Made" action by routing some of their production through Switzerland. Basically, it is a protective measure on behalf of the more "Swiss Made" brands to push out or reduce the relevancy of the less "Swiss Made" brands.

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Both hours and minutes are shown on retrograde scales. There is something very Urwerk-feeling about the design, and reading the time is impressively interesting without being illegible. That is a tough thing to achieve because we've found that most "experimental" ways of telling the time simply sacrifice convenience. The dial also has a unique power reserve indicator which takes the form of an exposed spring! The spring gets more tightly wound when the power reserve is full, and unwinds as it runs out. The manually wound movement has a full eight days of power reserve when the movement is fully wound.

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Consulting firm L2 Think Tank out of New York City just released a video supplement to their 2012 Watches & Jewelry report as part of their Digital IQ Index series. I don't know much about L2 yet, but their research seems to be along the same vein as that from the Digital Luxury Group (DLG) with their World Watch Report series (that I am a contributor for). Companies like L2 and DLG are primarily research and consulting firms which profit by providing advice and data to brands. They aren't involved in marketing or PR, so videos of this nature don't come with inherent bias.

The proceeding brands and pieces are by no means the only good options, these are just a few. It is true that these are higher-end choices, but perhaps they can inspire your purchase direction for a post Valentine's Day gift, or anything else. Happy loving...

Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Moon Watch Hands-On

Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Moon Watch Hands-On

Alexandru I. from Bucharest, Romania asks:

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Most of the chase boats had 1,000 horsepower. That says a lot about how fast the race is now.

6B Watches And The 6645 MK1 Limited Pilot’s Chronograph

6B Watches And The 6645 MK1 Limited Pilot’s Chronograph

This is a follow-up review from Derique Y. in Singapore, winner of the Wryst Airborne FW3 Limited Edition watch giveaway on aBlogtoWatch in May.

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ABTW: Interesting you should say that: I think everyone is rightfully afraid of getting into something new, something unknown as they fear the perils that might or might not be foreseen. I would like to know how did the beginning go for you, how and why did you make it through to where you are now?

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The bezel is one that has clearly been designed for actual use and boasts a 120 click unidirectional countdown travel. On the blue model reviewed here, the bezel is an iridescent blue that appears darker at times but flashes brightly in direct light. Featuring a fully lumed scale and a clear typeface, the grip on the bezel's edge is a cut-out style that works well even with wet hands. The 1000M's bezel is mounted via screws around the case side and it does exhibit a very small amount of play between clicks, although not noticeable in normal on-wrist use.

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For 2013 one of the limited edition A. Lange & Sohne watches will be this neat looking and very high-end Grand Lange 1 Lumen timepiece. The piece is a mix of a few ideas that Lange has offered over the years. While typically very heavy on the "look what cool new stuff we developed," language, German A. Lange & Sohne is much more straight-forward in how they discuss this watch. In fact, while this piece will sell rather well, it is a sort of Frankenstein's monster of Lange using ideas from a few past watches together without anything really new. It is a great watch, but it does lack that "wow" factor Lange is usually able to deliver with their new products. I will however say that what is new, is very useful.

HYT announces the global release of the HYT H1 watch collection with a fun video, and an actual announcement which is nice. So if you were waiting for the HYT H1 watch to be available - they are now (through limited in availability until 2013). The video looks pretty darn cool and I am looking forward to getting my hands on a production version of the H1. Now that the pieces are ready for sale I wanted to ask HYT CEO Vincent Perriard a few questions about how it all went: