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And it's not a traditional look at all - period. For women's watches - this is a whole different game.

Staying with Daniel Roth’s personality as a watch company, the watch is not too large at 41mm wide by 44mm tall — very reasonable. You’ll notice the unique location for the chronograph mono-pusher at 7 o’clock on the case. The watch is available in two materials. First is something called 4435 Staybrite Marine Steel. This special grade of steel is specially designed to ward off corrosion, which is especially an issue with steel that is near or in saltwater. The other available case material is a black coated titanium. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters.

Before talking more about the case of the watch I'd like to continue talking about the functionality, so such a simple looking watch, the Wave Ceptor WVA430J-1A does a lot. Four buttons on the case help with the operation which includes a calendar, stopwatch, world time, and 3 alarms (there is also a function to check the battery life, adjust the hands if they are knocked out of place, and for the radio signal receiver). The functions are easy to use but not visually branded all over the case. Some of the Casio G-Shock watches as designed to imply a degree of multi-functionality. This Wave Ceptor is sort of the opposite. Looking simple, but doing a lot. Each of these functions is operated using the LCD screen, via cycling function screens that any Casio owner will be familiar with. As is common in all atomic clock radio controlled watches, there is a lot of functionality and options there. You can set the watch to manually receive signals, set your area, and other important functions related to a watch that gives you the pleasure of knowing it is always correct. Casio has this aspect of the watch well integrated, but it will still require consulting with the guide at first for some education.

This is not the first time I have discussed the new Tissot Sea-Touch watch based on the popular T-Touch line, but it is my article on it. The watch is pretty cool - especially if you are a diver. You can read a bit more detail here (that also links to another article of mine). I get pretty prolific when it comes to these T-Touch watches. They are just so fun to play with. The Sea-Touch takes all the touch screen glory and adds some diving only functions that probably work really well, though I don't know when I will have the opportunity to test them out. While it will be available in other colors, here you got to go for orange!

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Citizen Astrodea Stargazing Watch Collection

Citizen Astrodea Stargazing Watch Collection

Would these watches make Jules Verne proud? Possibly. The unique chronograph watches from recent luxury watch maker Louis Moinet proves that the steampunk genre is alive and well. How do I know? Probably because these watches epitomize the ideal and I love it. Influenced by Jules Verne's classic 1865 novel "From the Earth to the Moon" (plot: big gun shoots American and French man to the Moon), the watch even houses an actual piece of rock from the moon (found on Earth). There are two models of the Jules Verne watch. First is the Instrument 1 "From The Earth To The Moon" watch, and second is the Instrument 2 "Around The Moon" watch. The different between the two is that the Instrument 1 has a chronograch with a second timezone, and the Instrument 2 has a rattrapane chronograph (split timer).

Orient Racing Automatic CFT00004B Power Reserve Semi-Skeletonized Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Angular Momentum Il Moretto Watch: Historical Talisman Timepiece Watch Releases

This might be the first time you are looking at two genuine Chinese tourbillon movement watches. Real tourbillon movements with original designs. Here are some basic specs straight from Longio:

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So far, this is one of my favorite Moonphase models for women. I'll leave all "lunar" lady allusions out of here, not the forum, but that thought always lurks in the back of my mind when I see women's moonphase timepieces.

I think that just posting the images of this special one-off watch probably says enough. What else can I say? An intensely decorated movement made to look like an underwater scene. Not just that, but the actually movement itself is made to look like the sea floor. Simply amazing. The best part is that this is not just some concept or a piece of art. This will be placed in a real working watch. But probably just one. This movement is called the ImmenSEAty (clever right) and was created by young watchmaker Gabriel Salgado de Arce. Confrérie Horlogère Presents The ImmenSEAty Watch Movement By Gabriel Salgado Watch Releases This watch was part of a project at the Confrerie Horlogere, which is a new arm of BNB Concept. I don’t know a lot about this new part of BNB Concept. Their website is still new and wasn’t totally live the last time I checked. It has something to do with young watchmakers, though the video below tells you more. The early output from the Confrerie Horlogere has been impressive though, but this ocean themed movement is my favorite. One of the most amazing aspects of the movement is the level of micro detail. Almost every square millimeter is covered with engravings and decoration. Whether it is a small sea star or shark, you can’t help but pay close attention to each scene on the surface. I can’t wait to see what the front of the watch will look like. While it is hard to tell, the movement is a tourbillion with a few interesting complications. In addition to showing the time on Earth, the watch shows the time of three other planets; Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn. Of course these planets do not have 24 hour days, so the time is amended for them. I look forward to seeing how this is displayed. The watch also has a power reserve indicator and is (of course) manually wound.

The major change with the 3-Timer for the Linde Werdelin line of watches is that it represents a stepping back from the aggressive looks to something more simple and classic. In what feels like a thematic homage to the Rolex Explorer, the face of the 3-Timer is "held back," emphasizing only what is necessary. Despite the smallish size of the hour indicators they should prove to be quite visible in the dark due to Linde Werdelin's typical use of C3 Super LumiNova luminant. The case is 46mm wide by 49mm tall. The case is very thin at 12mm thick. You also get 300 meters of water resistance.

It was only a matter of time before Hamilton decided it was time for a real rehash of the classic Ventura watch. This is not to be confused with now defunct Ventura watches. The Ventura watch model from Hamilton first came out in the age of pre-quartz electronic watches. When "electronic" watches meant something futuristic and exotic. It was the spacey look of the watch that really mattered though. At the time, it was really "out there." Shaped like a shield on its side - many with the popular two-tone leather strap - the Ventura has been in production for over 50 years.

Curiously enough, Breitling went ahead and gave the watch a rubber diver's strap. Something that for me is always a big "no no" with gold watches (most of the time). No doubt leather straps and metal bracelets will be available. The functions of the special Superquartz have always been impressive, but all must be operated via the single crown that is pushed, pulled and turned to operated the functions. They include a minute repeater, chronograph, timer, second timezone, and alarm. The Superquartz is an extremely accurate quartz movement that has further been Chronometer certified. Another little qualm I have is that they changed the style of the hands. The minute hand always had a counter weight, but the hour hand did not, but now they both have it. Am I being too conservative or did the original design just look more interesting and functional. While there are lots of design merits to the new 2009 Breitling Aerospace it just ends up looking like another generic Breitling watch with the Aerospace name and look to it. I will wait for the titanium version when ever it arrives to make the final judgment on this new look.

Sinn 756 UTC Diapal Lubricant Free Watch Available Sales & Auctions

A Moon Phase complication is inherently part of an overall calendar complication. The Moon Phase uses a dial periphery based date calendar, in addition to displaying the time. Inside the watch is a Perrelet automatic mechanical P-11 movement (with a 40 hour power reserve). The watch isn’t too big either as a reasonable 40mm width for the steel case. Both an alligator strap and steel bracelet are available — giving distinct looks to the watch. From a coloration standpoint, you see classic shades of blue, brown, red, and of course black. Smooth edges on the case make way for the flared then tapered lugs that always add a classy appeal to any watch. The combination of satin and polished sections on the watch also add to the visual value.

Cuervo Y Sobrinos Torpedo Pirata Moon Phase Watch, For Pirates Watch Releases

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Skagen 355XLSSB Steel Collection Watch Review: Distinctly Danish

Skagen 355XLSSB Steel Collection Watch Review: Distinctly Danish

MM: How would you encourage younger generations to embrace watches? How can they express themselves, as you have?
DP: You must know HOW to wear a watch - whether it be by owning several to swap out per occasion - and then being able to evaluate which watch is most appropriate - or by owning just one, classic, dynamic model.

The dial design of the watches is quite interesting with at least two layers and really easy to read hands - despite the distracting protection bars. I like how the subsidiary seconds dial on the chronograph version has a propeller-like hand. I always get a kick out of those, and appreciate seeing them. My pick (and probably Ghost Rider's) watch is of course the glowing green on black watch version. The easy to read by unique dial is appreciated, and the uniquely masculine, but not overly obnoxious design of the watch has a broad appeal. Available now, prices are between 0 - 0.

The case is a nice mixture of brushed and polished finishes. Here's a side profile showing the finishes and the signed crown:

Bremont Supermarine 500 Watch: First Diver For Young Brand Watch Releases

Creating the watch was really no easy task. There were a lot of hurdles and problems with the design, not to mention how to make the thing wearable. The use of curved surfaces helps significantly strengthen the structure of the watch making it extremely hardy - but was tough to make into something wearable. This very impressive watch is available for purchase soon. The watch comes complete in a collectors box with a titanium bracelet as well as a rubber strap (and changing tool). There are also a few dial colors available: black, white/silver, yellow, and blue. Each is pretty nice against the carbon fiber face (which is not too prominent). I like that the minute hand is particularly prominent that assists with legibility and that the face of the watch is overall very clear. Owning a watch like this gives you a lot of bragging rights and the assurance that you have not only a record setting timepiece, but the result of years of labor from a dedicated Swiss watch making team.

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Audemars Piguet Millenary MC12 Tourbillon Chronograph Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

Overall, these are standout watches, but I wonder if IWC missed the ball a bit when it comes to their key market, and the look they are interesting in paying IWC dollars for.

More with the gray watches it seems. I've been writing about this trend pretty extensively on, but it has finally come to Bell & Ross. Actually I knew this since Baselworld back in March, but only now it connected with me that this is all part of the gray watch conspiracy - and watch companies are always bitching about the gray market. Irony?