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The brand itself dates back to 1805, but was acquired by the Dixi Mechanique Group during the Quartz Crisis. It was later revived in 2005 and one of its earliest and most notable pieces was its simply named Perpetual Calendar watch, which we had covered some time ago in 2010.

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The Perpetual Calendar Black Edition is the company's first titanium watch.

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SIHH is over and one of my favorite pieces from the show is the Van Cleef & Arpel Complication Poetique Midnight Planetarium watch. It is a mouthful, but it is also a lot of watch, featuring a visually interesting planetarium complication and a perpetual calendar. Admittedly, it is not the most technically advanced watch and neither is it very legible, but the Complication Poetique Midnight Planetarium is proof that when it comes to watches, sometimes it is just the emotions that they evoke that counts.

The main inspiration drawn from that clock looks to be the color scheme, which is at once easily readable, especially with the last 15 minutes of the  countdown bezel marked out in yellow hashes (those hashes remind me safety markings on a plane, as well).

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They build their watches in Detroit, Michigan, with a good old "Born in the USA" mentality. The team spirit is all about rolling up your sleeves and supporting America, and being proud of our domestic abilities to make a great watch. Sounds great, doesn't it? It is an interesting concept that for now relies on mostly foreign-made parts (such as the kits to produce Swiss movements) that are assembled in Motor City.

In March of 2014 at Baselworld, Bulova will introduce a brand new collection of Manchester United club-branded timepieces in honor of the relationship. The watches will be in steel, titanium, and also include a solid 18k gold series. The original contract between Bulova and Manchester United is for three years, but could last much longer. Bulova promises that the next few years will be among the strongest the brand has had in a while, thanks to strong sales and a range of exciting new watches that will be released.

I must say, at first glance, I was quite amazed and horrified that a single timepiece could cost so much, but after delving into the process by which a single rare colored diamond is sourced from a rough stone; cut to perfection, polished, and finally set into the piece of jewelry or timepiece, I realized each and every diamond is a story unto itself.

This sapphire bridge not only secures the mainspring and the center wheel, but also lends a "floating" look to the movement. Having handled a few pieces from other brands with sapphire elements in their movements (like the Ulysse Nardin 4-Gong Sapphire Tourbillon or the Maitres du Temps Chapter One Round transparence), the real treat of this scarcely used component is that unless it reflects some direct light source, it tends to become practically invisible, genuinely fooling the observers' eyes into seeing the movement's parts as if they were floating weightlessly.

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Interestingly, this new PVD version of their popular Type 23 model had its development funded by by the sale of specific watches (750 in total) to members of France's Air Force (makes for a rather interesting and specific military tie-in, for sure). Given those ties, it's not a surprise that Dodane is using a movement designed to conform to military requirements for toughness and accuracy, the Calibre 2030.

Hand-made German UTS watches are one of those secret tool watch brands that all serious timepiece lovers eventually learn about. Their flagship model range is the 4000M, which now comes with a metallic blue diver as the UTS 4000M Pacific Horizon Blue limited edition dive watch. Produced in Munich, these are some of the most durable timepieces on the planet.

The Omega Aqua Terra >15,000 Gauss sports a steel 41.5mm case and its recognizable, teak-style black dial has a yellow lacquer treatment that is very subtle but works well with the yellow dial accents and distinctive seconds hand. It's hard not to like the Aqua Terra design and, much like the green AT Golf, I like the splash of color added to the >15,000 Gauss version.

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BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends December 20, 2013

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends December 20, 2013

The internal mechanism is based on the same manually winding unit as used in the other Tribute To 1931 collection pieces (excepting the Bleu), but features a modification for subsidiary seconds.  This movement is known as Calibre 822/2 features 19 Jewels, has a power reserve of about 45 hours, and beats at an amplitude of 3hz.

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Getting the best price is also a matter of research. Watch brands don't like it when we suggest non-official ways to buy watches, but it only takes a mere Google search to determine that many watches are available online at prices under their standard retail price. It is a good idea to also know how much discounting is going on. Steep discounting can mean that a watch isn't in demand, that it is no longer in production, or that there is a very high availability of inventory. That doesn't mean it is a bad watch, but it is good information to know. Buying from brand boutiques or authorized third-party retailers is probably the safest way to get a watch, but it certainly isn't the only way.

To understand the evolutionary cornerstones in the development of a fine-watch-turned-luxury-product, we must examine a product with an expansive and continuous history, one that dates back way beyond the '80s. A model we found to be most suiting for those purposes is the Rolex Submariner. Although its history is rather complex, for now we will say that upon its debut in 1954 it was one of the few professional dive watches out there at the time, and as such, it was more of a tool than anything else. By contrast, today's Submariner, the tool-watch of yesteryear, has transformed into an internationally recognized status symbol, consequently becoming one of the most widely imitated watch designs of them all. That is quite some transformation, and upon closer look, we will see how nicely this one model comprises the steps in the transition from a tool to a luxury product.

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To The Left Is The First Rolex Submariner From 1953, While Next To It Is Its 60-Year Successor, The No-Date 114060.

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Eleven James CEO Randy Brandoff came up with this idea long before he left NetJets as its Chief Marketing Officer. Eight years ago, he thought about "luxury collaborative consumption" or "an alternative to outright ownership," because he saw Marquis Jet and NetJets give broad access to all the people who wanted to partake, without writing a check for million for a Learjet. Lucia Reisch, a professor of consumer issues at the Copenhagen Business School was recently quoted saying: "Everything that has to do with collaborative consumption is absolutely on the rise." In 2010 the author Rachel Botsman wrote the book "What's Mine Is Yours: the Rise of Collaborative Consumption." Clearly Randy's vision is a global trend and now the concept is being applied to timepieces.

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My constructive comments are minimal at best and oddly all strap related . Because of the stature of the watch, the leather strap is matched in scale and I need to have a couple more holes (carefully!) punched so it can fit my wrist properly. All I can figure is Tsikolia must be a bruiser in person. The first keeper on the leather strap is also quite difficult to get the mating side to fit through, as it's permanently affixed quite close to where the pin engages. This may break in nicely with time though. Finally, the nylon strap is a hair on the thin side compared to other NATO and nylon straps I've seen. It could a bit thicker to approximate the leather strap and match the stature of the watch. Overall though the P-47 is a pleasure to read with everything bold and uncluttered. One more time, with its size, it's not a watch that likes to fit under a cuff. But mind you, this is isn't a watch with which you discuss mergers and acquisitions over cocktails. a watch that you jam the control stick forward into a steep dive with all eight 50 caliber guns wide open.

The watch comes preloaded with a worldwide base-map and ability to specify way-points or mark locations (up to 1000). While the base maps cannot be extended, you can, however, save various tracks and routes as well. While I have not had a chance to use the Garmin D2 myself, based on my extensive (almost daily) experience with their products, I would have little reservations getting one if piloting was one of my hobbies. I am pretty sure the product you will get will match the advertised feature list and with firmware updates, any problem with the watch will be resolved in time.

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