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My Tag Heuer Monaco 40th Anniversary Edition Watch Article On Announcements
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Perrelet, a seemingly quiet brand with TONS of potential, is going beyond print ads and marketing materials with this elegant video of the Perrelet Diamond Flower Rotor Watch. Which is a brilliant idea, especially for this model.

Really not a lot to add to this video in terms of stuff to say. The merits are there for your eyes. You have the very friendly Arnd at A. Lange & Sohne wearing TheTimeTV's signature little microphone talking about the new Richard Lange "Pour le Merite" and new 1815 watch line that was officially released at SIHH in January a couple months back. These videos do the new watch line justice, and it is interesting to get a glimpse at the set up's that brands display at SIHH (always impressive). You can see a little bit of the super-sized Lange 1 made clock sized at the display. Another cool feature is the supersized exploded model of the new 1815 watch's movement.

A. Lange & Söhne Watches At SIHH 2009 Video Shows & Events
1897 men watch with Cloisonne enamel dial and movement A LANGE
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A. Lange & Söhne Watches At SIHH 2009 Video Shows & Events
A Lange Sohne 101021 Lange 1 Yellow Gold MINT
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A. Lange & Söhne Watches At SIHH 2009 Video Shows & Events
A Lange Sohne Platinum Double Split Flyback
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A. Lange & Söhne Watches At SIHH 2009 Video Shows & Events
A Lange Sohne Lange 1 Timezone 116032 Manual Rose Gold Mens Strap Watch
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A. Lange & Söhne Watches At SIHH 2009 Video Shows & Events
New A LANGE SOHNE Tan Genuine Leather Signed Watch band Free Ship
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A. Lange & Söhne Watches At SIHH 2009 Video Shows & Events
ALange and Sohne Original 14K pure Gold Hunter pocket watch No 174
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You can tell that the new Polo Forty Five watch is something new for them. The first titanium Piaget watch, and certain the most sporty. As I have mentioned before, I think this is also the first Piaget watch to ever use a rubber strap. It is an evolution on the Polo theme, and we will see where the new direction takes Piaget. Another benefit of videos like this is the actual images of the watch. Too often we are presented with computer watch renderings that just to give enough of a story. While I love such imagery, it doesn't give you the full view that you want to have. At well over ,000, the new Piaget Polo Forty Five watches are no bargain (and even more for the chronograph version pictured), even given their in-house Piaget made movements. Check out the video and see what you think, these are always fun to watch. Mentioned On Evolving ABTW

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Alfex Pazzola Giant Alarm Watch For Its 60th Anniversary Watch Releases
Alfex Watch
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Possibly The Best Watch Deal Around: Robert Lighton New York Big Closeout Sale Sales & Auctions

Mysteries are things you can't unravel in your mind. Knowledge of origin is key to dispelling an enigma, and the pathway to appreciation. You can't have passion for something you don't really understand. I began my love of watches ignorant of what went into making most watches. True timepiece appreciation can only come when you really know what goes into constructing watches. It gives you the ability to evaluate the high quality from the mainstream, and foresight to look beyond the dial.

See this Audemars Piguet Royal Oak OffShore Scuba Wempe Ref. 15340ST.OO.D002CA.01 watch on here.

Seiko Power Design Project 2008 Results: Tokyo Looking Watches

Seiko Power Design Project 2008 Results: Tokyo Looking Watches

Piaget Blacktie watches

For X, insert China. For widget Foo, insert mechanical watches. They're not yet at the stage of threatening the high-end Japanese or Swiss manufactures, but it's fascinating to see them work closer to that goal.

Oddly enough, the watch industry has incredible difficultly getting decent low-cost watch winders out to us. For that reason you will find that most of the affordable ones are Chinese made, unless you want to spend many hundreds or thousands of dollar for something basic that is American or European made. Having said that, a lot of Chinese made watch winders are pure garbage. I've had some that die consistently within a few months. For that reason it is important to get one that you can trust, or at least maintain yourself cheaply. On the plus side, a lot of the Chinese made watch winders are cheap enough to be "disposable" to a degree. Today I am going to review a Chinese made watch winder with what I am told has a Japanese motor, that significantly adds to the value, as Japanese motors are far superior to what China typically produces on a mass level. I don't mean to sounds as though I am bashing Chinese goods, but rather that the reality is that much of their goods are so low quality, and in such great numbers, as it overshadows the good things being manufactured in China these days.

While the CNC machines work on large pieces such as the movement place with drills and alike instruments, what about the tiniest of tiny pieces that go into a watch movement? Cut by lasers? No, not really - though some watch hands are laser cut. Here a better technology is used, one that I hadn't even heard of before. It is called "wire erosion" and the process is quite cool. Basically, the wire erosion machine takes spools of ultra thin copper wire and applies electricity to the wire to create an ultra-hot spark. That spark is what cuts the metal plates that are put into the machine resulting in the creation of tiny watch movement components that seem almost impossible to produce. Once the wire is heated up, it is oxidized and must be recycled. The machine uses small rectangular metal plates, that are stacked. Each run of the machine can process 25 or so plates. You can see the machine in operation in one of the images. It is the image with the complex looking machinery with the pool of greenish liquid. That liquid is non-conductive oil. It helps keep things cool and removes debris. It also helps the machine look impossible, and the whole plate cutting process is done as it is submerged. Underneath the machine image, you can see an image of a tray of sample parts that A. Lange & Sohne relies upon the wire erosion machine to create.

Breguet Marine

Free Dievas Zeta Professional Automatic Tritium Gas Tube Watch Giveaway Giveaways

  • 2. Look through their watch selection and choose your favorite watch (other than any in the Dievas Zeta series), and consider why you like it.
  • 3. Add a comment to this post with, 1) the name of the watch that you like on GnomonWatches, 2) a URL link to the watch (copy the whole address and paste it into the comment) so that other people can be impressed by your selection, and 3) a sentence or two on why you like the watch you chose.
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In one's hand and after dealing directly with the company, it travels beyond my expectations.

The rest of the Cameo S model will be the same as the regular Cameo watch. This includes the architecturally themed square case unique to Temption with an ETA 2892A2 automatic movement powering the watch. Temption is proud of the special technique they use to chemically bond the square sapphire crystal to the case. This process is very difficult to do because the Cameo is of the only square watches with a true square sapphire crystal. The stainless steel case is beautifully cut in a high polish and brushed finish, with some satin finished segments on the side.

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Casio Wave Ceptor WVA320J-1E Watch For Sale

Gear like this is more than just a fancy watch, but exists to be an essential training tool. After each session, that watch can be optionally hooked up to your computer and all the data can be plotted in an accompanying program to help you understand your progress, training productivity, and overall results. This takes the guess work out of a lot of what people in training have to deal with. I've known Suunto watches to be quite serious about their ability to collect data, and are serious tools for professionals as opposed to gadget novelties. Price adds up for all the optional pods and accessories, but these instruments are a good investment. Just over 0 for the t6c  Red Arrow watch and more for the other components. The Black arrow ought to be much less.

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Hello Kitty Fine Jewelry Watches for Women Watch Releases
Hello Kitty Stainless Steel Watches Cartoon
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Patek Philippe Complications watches

Exclusive: New Marcello C. Diavolo Automatic Watch Watch Releases

"This is a handmade prototype watch, hand made dial with hand applied lume, handmade leather strap, sapphire crystal with double side AR, 44mm 316L SS case, Miyota OS20 chronograph movement. Only one like it in the world. This model will not ever be produced so it's a cool piece to have for a watch collector 🙂 We will ship it to the winner in our full box set and warranty as well just like any of our other watches. "

I am surprised by this watch actually. The aggressive styling is pretty cool looking. Certainly a departure from the blase Chinese designed watches we've come to easily disregard. It has an attractive but simple modern appeal, and would standout nicely. The case itself is a large 47mm wide, and comes with the metal bracelet and rubber strap (24mm wide). It isn't going to win any design awards, but it isn't half bad. The bracelet looks interesting as well, something I'd like to inspect a bit more. Inside the watch is the SG3829 automatic mechanical tourbillon movement. The tourbillon is an actual tourbillon as you'd come to expect, and it rotates once each 60 seconds. The movement is acceptable, and interesting to view. It doesn't have nearly the refinement of a Swiss or German movement, but again, think of the cost. Accuracy is also less that its European counterparts, but not by as much as you'd think. It took the Europeans how long to get a decent tourbillon movement into a watch? Decades probably. And in just a few years here is China with their own. China will never beat Europe when it comes to quality or refinement, but it will always beat them when it comes to speed - just a different mentality at work.

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Pita Barcelona Oceana Diver's Watch: Sounds Delicious, Looks Great Watch Releases

Magrette Regattare Moana Pacific Automatic Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

While the look of the watch is familiar to the typical tonneau shaped cases that Franck Muller is know for, the design and functionality of the watch is pretty unique. This watch has a lot going on both on the front and back of the watch, and all revolves around the chronograph functions. Actually instead of being flamboyant and flashy, this watch is almost a pure vintage style instrument. The watch face itself is smaller, and placed in the lower center of the face - with quite the tool like look (something I'd probably guess being on a Sinn watch or Panerai).  As the chronograph function is central to the Triple Scale Chronograph, it is quite impressive. Not only is it a split second double chronograph (rattrapante), but carry's over to the back of the watch for more functionality. It is actually rather clever because the functions on the back are rarely used, but are there when you need it, and it is probably not that big of a deal to take the watch off when using those functions. The rear features include a: tachymeter scale (measures speed), a pulsometer (measures pulse), and a telemeter (measures distance).

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Ignore the first 30-60 seconds of this film, it gets really cool after that. I love watching stuff like this because it actually does a very good job at showing you how watches are made at houses like Audemars Piguet. Yes, you need to know what to look for, but pay attention to the tools and techniques used to polish and decorate the movements. This process literally takes up most of the time in watch movement assembly. While the film is supposed to take place in the 19th century (even though some of the stuff looks really modern), the same process is used today to make high-end luxury watch movements. Take the hand-spun machine that spins the movement plate around, today it is just done with machines but that are more often than not still controlled by a human operator. There are no automatic decoration or finishing processes for this level of watch making - just good ol' manual processes to give it that unique human touch.

See Casio G-Shock watches on Amazon here. Casio & Surfrider Foundation To Release G-Shock X Surfrider Watch Watch Releases

Casio & Surfrider Foundation To Release G-Shock X Surfrider Watch Watch Releases
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Casio & Surfrider Foundation To Release G-Shock X Surfrider Watch Watch Releases
CASIO Tide Graph Mens 10 ATM Quartz LCD Sport Wristwatch Runs FREE SHIPPING
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Casio & Surfrider Foundation To Release G-Shock X Surfrider Watch Watch Releases
CASIO Tide Graph W 753 5 Alarms Multi Function LCD Gents Watch S62
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"Watchmen" Movie Nods To Mechanical Watches Feature Articles

Patek Philippe Aquanaut

Something about the fact that the dial itself will show time on other planets leads me to believe it is possible that the face of the watch will not necessarily be benthic in theme. Perhaps the movement is considered the ocean, while the face is akin to the sky. We will have to wait for more images before coming to more conclusions about the watch. Here are some words from the watchmaker:

The display back shows a basic movement, with stamped faux-decorations. The movement is an ST-16, in house from Sea-Gull and cheerfully using ideas like Seiko-style winding. The base design of the movement is probably Miyota's 8200 series.

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Welcoming New Female Watch Blogger Molly McDermott

Welcoming New Female Watch Blogger Molly McDermott