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MM: How would you encourage younger generations to embrace watches? How can they express themselves, as you have?
DP: You must know HOW to wear a watch - whether it be by owning several to swap out per occasion - and then being able to evaluate which watch is most appropriate - or by owning just one, classic, dynamic model.

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The idea behind the application is help connect with the estimated 25 million potential users who may be interested in the free application. Being able to directly send information to interested customers is extremely valuable, and can result in much faster and wider customer education of new products as well as give them a taste of what watches might be like before they are purchased. The first major hurdle was the creation of the application for Victorinox Swiss Army, the next challenge will be for them to utilize the full potential of the application. Ideally they will be tracking what watches garner the most interest from users, as well as send offers and other valuable information to the customers. The right way is to send a customer the full details of a watch a bit before it is released, and then when it is released remind them again with the product price. Too often watch companies just announce a product that isn't available for a long time afterward. A "news" item in the application should inform people that "the new Swiss Army model X" is out. Get one at "X" location (make sure they have it in stock) just 1 mile from your current location. That would be the best way to do it. We will have to see what ends up happening, but the signs are good that this is going to be a healthy new way for watch makers to interact with their customers in the near future. Swiss army watches tend to average in price at 0 - 0, but can go lower and obviously higher (,000 - ,000 or more). What works for this price point may not be a good idea for higher end watches, but it is worth testing the waters for all ranges of watch brands in my opinion.

The 42mm wide watch case is made of three specially treated steel parts — for strength and durability. Polished and brushed surfaces interact nicely for a classy look. I like the design of the curved lugs, rotating bezel, and case structure overall. The exhibition caseback present is very rare on a watch with 500 meters of water resistance. The dial of the watch has a peculiar though familiar design that is truly a mix between classic aviator and diving watches. You can especially tell this in the hands of the watch. The minute hand it an exemplar of aviator watches, while the hour hand is something you’ll find resembles the hour hand on a Rolex Submariner. The same idea goes for the hour indexes, which are similar to the Submariner look, but with more flair and an aviator feel.

You get to see the typical Swiss personality here. The friendly but a bit standoff-ish compared to the much more outgoing modern British demeanor. It is actually quite amusing as I have been in similar interactions myself. It is not that the Swiss are at all unfriendly, but rather that they just need to get to know you a bit before being more open and themselves. Mr. Rose gets to learn all about the brand, as be must be patient during the full "presentation." What is interesting is that at this point the deal is made, but Mr. Rose still needs to be educated about what it means to be an ambassador. Part of that is a lot of images taken for marketing purposes. "Wear this watch...pose." Is a statement he will hear many times. After a few days having a nice time in Switzerland Mr. Rose will leave with his new items and knowledge. He will likely be called back to regularly attend a few Maurice Lacroix events. It is a good deal for both parties really, and a big effort to be asked to be a brand ambassador for watch brands that are by nature notoriously picky. I think that did a good job of capturing the real essence of the interactions and the feel of the situations (whether it was intentional or not). Good video.

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Artists and professional athletes with watch contracts definitely help sell products. As brand ambassadors, they not only share the watchmaker’s core values but can also strongly influence others through their product endorsement.

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There will initially be three models of the watch. Two in DLC coated titanium with black faces (one with the red behind the turbine blades, and one all black). Another will be in polished titanium. I got to see all three and here are the wrist shots! The craftsmanship and finish of the cases is impeccable. Surprisingly good even for prototype models. The tapering of the case toward the base goes to the turbine engine look, and the unique crown that is flush with the case is pretty well done. You can pull the crown out a bit, but there is also that little hoop that folds out. The watches are smooth all the way around without and harsh edges as well and the high grade rubber strap comes with a quality titanium butterfly deployment clasp that features perlage polishing on the inside.

The first thing you notice when holding a Nubeo watch is that they have a level of detail typically unseen in other timepieces. Edges are so perfectly cut, colors are vivid and sharp without holding back, lines are fluid and meld together. These are truly works of art that have been translated into haute horology, and imbued with a very high level of manufacturing pride. The first watch pictured is the Black Jellyfish in rose gold and rubber. The case features both brushed and polished surfaces and rubber is used in unique ways over the bezel. The strap is exquisite and you have these gold links that move like spinal vertebrae when you move or twist the strap. Part of the "organic" aspect of the design. The dial is meld of various textures and materials that remind you of sea shells and fossils. Still, the face of the watch is very easy to read. Inside the watch is a modified automatic ETA Valjoux 7750 movement. The traditional chronograph movement has the chronograph part of it taken out. The reason the movement is used is that it was likely the easiest way to have the subsidiary seconds dial placed in the correct position while still retaining a hardy movement that did not require a module to be placed on it. Actually across all Nubeo timepieces, I'd say the Valjoux 7750 is their favorite movement to use.

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