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Much of the straps you see are custom made or designed for Maurice de Mauriac. These are just a small selection of the many straps he is constantly offering. Lately, Daniel has been keenly interested in straps made from fine leather (such as Hermes), as well as woven leather style straps.

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New versions of the Reflex watch have LED lights that dance around before displaying the time. The system makes things like that possible. Reflex wants using the watch to be, as much as possible, a mini spectacle. You better have that to show off if you are donning a bright color snap bracelet with lights on it and you are an adult. Almost to the point of being silly, these watches are still fun. If they were less expensive they would be perfect gifts for people at a party so that everyone could wear one.

"Watch What-If" is a special column on that asks the playful question "what if an iconic watch you know and love was offered in a different style?" The idea embraces a good timepiece's core design and has fun by offering new colors and material concepts to stimulate your senses. These ideas may be provocative, artistic, or just plain silly. This is about fun, Photoshop, and the celebration of wrist watch design and experimentation. The original design we work off will always be at the bottom of the article. The designs are brought to life by Beau Hudspeth who does the artwork and conceptualizing after he and I choose the models and styles to focus on. These special design experiments are extremely time consuming and labor intensive but we hope you enjoy the results. Ideas and comments are more than welcome. Enough response may even lead to a round two of design of the same watch - so please comment below. You are also encouraged to suggest watches that make it into the Watch What-If section here on

Case : all stainless steel with IPG rosé plating, water resistent 5 ATM
Case back : see-through back secured by 6 screws
Glass : sapphire crystal on both sides

The visual splendor of the 2012 Citizen Eco-Drive Nova is pretty much unrivaled by any other timepiece this year. Maybe ever. Encountering it at this year’s Baselworld watch and jewelry show, we were entranced by the lively graphical display that seemed to hauntingly contain some light-based life form. The dial of the Eco-Drive Nova watch doesn’t just light up, but practically comes alive – living with light in an animated display.

For a solidly made Swiss watch at a price that won't make most people's heads spin around, Hamilton is one of the few good options. In fact, between Hamilton, Tissot, Certina, and Longines, the Swatch Group has the sub ,000 Swiss made mechanical watch market almost cornered. This Hamilton Cushion in the Jazzmaster collection is a solid mechanical watch buy for under ,000.

Each of the Montegrappa Nero Uno Automatic watches are limited edition pieces of 999 pieces. I believe they can be purchased alone, but the set is quite nice. The Nero Uno cuff links are really rather large, and done in a shape that clearly matches the theme. In the video I mistook the cuff links for having celluloid in them but the shiny brown inlay is actually tiger's eye stone. Both the pen and cuff links match the PVD rose gold tone of the watch. The included Nero Uno pen really seals the deal and is certainly a nice item for watch and writing instrument lovers alike. I have to say that the grooved plastic body combined with the octagonal shape makes for a welcome grippy design when using it to write.

Accompanying the watch is a nice kit with the extra straps and changing tool. It all comes in a Pelikan-style waterproof case. The case is cool, but I still don't understand why a diving watch needs to come in a water resistant case. Wouldn't those be best for watches you don't really want to get wet? The Anchar is actually a limited edition - with this piece being produced in a batch of 1000 pieces. Price via Vostok Europe's website for this version of the Anchar watch is 419 Euros (about 5 US dollars)

Cecil Purnell La Grande Date Tourbillon Watch

Cecil Purnell La Grande Date Tourbillon Watch

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Listen to the HourTime Show watch podcast episode 114 here.

This is the RGM 160. It is on the mid-to-upper range of RGM watch which don't use in-house made RGM movements. With a versatile and useful set of complications from the ETA Valjoux 7751 automatic movement, this is a very attractive mix of having an American made watch with a Swiss movement. RGM is making their own movements now for the 801 handwinder and tourbillon, but have not ventured into other complications. Historically, the Swiss approach was to make modular movements and buy prepackaged complications from companies such as Dubois Dupraz and Soprod, I'll be curious to see what route RGM takes in the future.

Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Chronograph Watch Hands-On Hands-On

In addition, what sets this bezel apart is the feel when turning it.  The resistance is measured and the fluted marks make it easy to grip.  It's simply a joy to use and I look forward to changing it to check different times, even when I usually leave it to show EST time...

Shaped pusher: quickset hidden time zone

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Baselworld Best: Timepieces To Watch In 2012 Shows & Events

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So the watch industry is in a bit of a bind – especially in places like the United States where wrist watch wearing isn’t as much a part of the culture as it is in Asia and to a large degree, Europe. The bind is that the “interested watch population” is smaller than it should be, media doesn’t really discuss it very well, and young people just aren’t as interested in watches as they could be. I say this with a straight face suggesting that young people really would like watches if they were more familiar with them. This isn’t a plea for mass social manipulation to get people wanting and buying something they otherwise wouldn’t want. This is about exposure and education in regards to something genuinely satisfying (of course I would say that).

Are watch makers exploiting their relationships with athletes a bit too much? New Orleans gets a new American watch maker who makes weird stuff. Weird but maybe wonderful and very expensive Cecil Purnell timepieces.

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Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 SpaceX Chronograph Watch Hands-On

Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 SpaceX Chronograph Watch Hands-On

It is watches like this that cause many people to totally overlook mechanical timepieces altogether. Brands like Citizen, Seiko, and Casio have been offering gadget-lovers watches with heaps of functions for years - functions that most mechanical watches could never dream of. Watches like this don't offer the same type of "haute horology" experience that mechanical watch lovers seek, but are an extremely important flavor of watch in the market. They take timepieces to their logical technical limits, and keep pushing the boundaries further and further.

eBay's Fashion Vault is holding a dedicated high-end watch sale called the "Luxury Timepiece Event" which is going on now for a few more days. It features mostly (but not all) Rolex watches. The Fashion Vault is eBay's answer to semi-private sales for discounted high-end goods (mostly fashion stuff, of course). They work with their trusted retailer partners to schedule these sales events from time to time. Being part of the Fashion Vault membership informs you about when new events begin and also offers other useful promotions, but anyone can buy/bid on the items in the sale. By the way, joining the Fashion Vault is free can be done here.Rolex Timepiece Sale @ Fashion Vault Ends Soon Sales & Auctions

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Tag Heuer and SpaceX's relationship likely started with Elon Musk - whom the brand worked with on his other company Tesla. I don't know if you recall, but Tag Heuer had a neat branded electric Tesla Roadster S car that they took around the world on a large tour. I actually don't know if there was ever a Tag Heuer Tesla watch - I don't think there was. With SpaceX there is, and Tag's relationship with Musk's ventures continues.

A few years ago Vacheron Constantin began a marketing campaign dedicated to informing people of the true story of America's role in what Vacheron Constantin is today. It is a real fact that the US market during the earlier parts of the 20th century played a major role in the brand's success. A few years ago Vacheron Constantin released a modern version of the classic tilted cushion watch and called it the Historiques American 1921.

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Number of case components: 60