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Smaller than other high-end German brands in Saxony (such as A. Lange & Sohne, and Glashutte Original), Lang & Heyne's visual and mechanical aesthetic are similar. You can see the implementation of classic German watch ideals and decor. While these watches come with metal movements as well, the availability of a watch with a movement made mostly from the tusk of an extinct mammoth is pretty interesting. Prices for the 25 pieces will be 33,300 Euros in 18k yellow or rose gold and 34,800 Euros in 18k white gold.

It is hard to dislike the crown which is eight-sided like the pen bodies and comes with a black cabochon stone (perhaps onyx). The watch case is water resistant to 50 meters. On the rear of the case you'll find a sapphire crystal display back with a view of the movement. Montegrappa makes use of the Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement in these mechanical models. The movement isn't decorated, but it does have a Montegrappa logo plate on the rotor. There are two quartz models as well in the Nero Uno watch family. These have either a chronograph or small seconds Swiss movement.

Getting a customer to use a safe is actually tricky. Creative customers who place safes deep in hidden basement passages or under false staircases rarely take the time to access their belongings. At the same time, most customers don't want to store a safe right next to their bedside tables. Closets are often a popular choice. All high-end safe makers want the experience of owning a high-end safe to mix safety and convenience as fluidly as possible. Brown Safe products for example offer military-grade biometric (finger print) scanners on their top products. The idea is to make opening and closing the safe quick and secure.

Zegg & Cerlati have a few retails stores mostly in Monaco (where they are based). In addition to carrying a range of other brands (including Hublot of course), they also offer their own line of watches and jewelry. They only have one watch right now that comes in a range of styles (in different colors of gold and amounts of diamonds). It is called the Place du Casino. I think it is for women - hard to tell. Place du Casino is a super Monte Carlo name... and right there on the dial "Monte Carlo" is spelled out. I think you can use this watch as gambling currency in their casinos.

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It is easy to miss the date window on the dial - but it is there as part of the lower chronograph subdial. See it now? I am enthused by the dial design overall, as well as the feature set of the Pontos S. That little hint of extra modernity sells it for me. As a diver you have a healthy 200 meters of water resistance that will be suitable for all but actual professional dive use. Though you need to choose if you are a red, white, orange, or blue type of person. You no doubt are irritated (well you should be if you aren't) that I didn't picture the pieces with the colorful NATO style straps. I was going to, but the pieces I had available to me were all on bracelets! Though if you've seen one or two NATO style straps, you've sort of seen them all right? Prices for the handsome and slightly edgy (just enough) Maurice Lacroix Pontos S (diver) watches range from ,100 - ,600.

The surface of the steel on the Sporting Safari is said to have been specially heat treated and brushed. In addition to the gunmetal look, it is also apparently harder than standard steel. Attached to the watch is an olive green canvas strap with a leather liner. It has a bit of an aged look without really looking aged.

Chronograph: 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock, 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock and central seconds

This specific Executive Dual Time watch is the reference # 243-00/42. Look online and you'll find a seriously intense assortment of styles in the collection. The steel (also available in 18k rose gold) case is 43mm wide and has a very broad lug structure and strap. This makes it feel larger on the wrist while not looking like a big watch. 43mm wide not considered too large today and the mostly round case with thick bezel keeps it from looking at all large on the wrist. The bezel mind you is black ceramic. Here the material is used properly to add color, shine, and of course ceramic's high level of scratch resistance.

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Number of components: 3

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I chose to check out this Casio Baby-G ref. BGA131-7B (BGA131) watch because it is trendy being all white, and has a cool "pop-up" dial with a seriously cool type of illumination. The watch also comes in all black as well (ref. BGA131-1B). The "resin" (plastic) case is 39mm wide and has a strap that is integrated with the case. At 39mm wide this is actually femme-sized for a G-Shock. Hence the "baby" part of the Baby-G name. While technical in appearance, the case is relatively clean for a watch like this. There are still four pushers placed around the sides of the case. Based on the G-Shock collection, these watches are meant to be durable and take a super beating. I don't mean for you to put it to the test, but know that these are tough watches.

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Like all Ball watches, these models will feature tritium gas tube illumination on the hands and hour markers. Many of the models will also feature COSC Chronometer certified automatic movements. You can see that the Ball BMW watches will come both on metal bracelets and straps. These pieces have a good combination of BMW cache and familiar modern designs to make them stand out a bit from the brand. Similar pieces from IWC and Jaeger-LeCoultre are going to be much more expensive. Quality should be good as Ball tends to offer a lot of watch for the money. I look forward to getting more details and a hands-on experience with the Ball Watches for BMW cars in the near future. Prices will range from about 3,600 - 5,100 Swiss Francs and the watches will be available by the end of 2012.

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Ball Timetrekker Chronograph BMW watch
Time Remaining: 2d 4h 40m
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Ball Watches For BMW Cars Watch Releases
BMW Watch 80262354181 Ice White Sport Water Resistant Big Chrono Genuine New
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Ball Watches For BMW Cars Watch Releases
BMW Watch M Chronograph 80262406694 Black Wristwatch Best Gift Genuine New
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Ball Watches For BMW Cars Watch Releases
BMW Watch 80262311778 Chronograph Date Mens Leather Water Resistant Genuine New
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Ball Watches For BMW Cars Watch Releases
BMW Watch M Chronograph 80262406694 Black Wristwatch Best Gift Genuine New
Time Remaining: 12d 2h 29m
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Ball Watches For BMW Cars Watch Releases
BMW Watch Sport Chronograph 80262406691 Silver Blue Wristwatch Genuine New
Time Remaining: 12d 23h 14m
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Just look at the "trailer" film about the watch. It is chock-full of feel-goody phrases, music, and that whole return to Michael Jackson's "Heal the World" mentality where we all band together to defeat the forces of reality. No one is talking about the watch. Anyway why should they? It is a cute looking inexpensive piece of plastic with an LED time display marketed toward women. The dial itself is done in a mirror finish (to admire your beautiful charity-giving visage) and the time is only displayed when using a pusher to activate the LED lights. It is state-of-the-art early 1970s technology all over again - and it costs just more than a few pennies to produce in China. But that's not important because it comes in six colors and Mirza has hired some creative photographers to shoot them on basketball hoops.

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My personal favorite in the art collection for 2012 is the watch at the top of this article. It uses a Santos-Dumont XL case and displays a horse. The process is actually micro mosaic. From counters to coffee tables, stone or tile, mosaic is a popular and celebrated craft. Here, the art of mosaic work blends with gold engraving. Parts of the horse are engraved gold, while the majority of the dial is a hand-created mosaic of gemstones. According to Cartier, each piece of this limited edition collection requires over 120 hours of work to complete. Each stone must be individually selected, cut, and placed to form the image. This watch is called the Cartier Santos-Dumont XL watch, horse motif, gemstone mosaic and will come in a set of 40 pieces in 18k white gold, and 10 more pieces with diamonds on the case.

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While not always suitable for a watch, Graham's choice to match the Swordfish Booster Iris with a deep green alligator strap was a good idea. It is matched with a polished black ceramic buckle. Regrettably the Swordfish collection suffers when it comes to legibility. The Booster's hands are probably necessarily skeletonized, and in this instance don't contrast enough with the dial. For that phantom look it works, but the dial isn't easy to read. Of course, the largest legibility issue is related to the fact that the hands - while properly sized - must pass under the magnifier eyes, making them difficult to spot. Wearing this agreeably unique (and in my opinion quite fashionable) watch requires a legibility sacrifice. Having said that, I should add that the chronograph counters are easy to see!

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However, the allure of swiping your wrist past a surface to pay for something is sort of cool. A good future option would be to integrate the Paypass payment system into a watch strap or bracelet. While these will not work with all timepieces, having a range of high-quality watch straps that can covertly accept the special card and RFID module might be an interesting way of using the technology and not having to abandon your existing timepiece.

You can't help but love the clever retrograde minute hand. Getting wider at the top, it is open in order to not block the hour window too much. The size also makes it legible. Reading the time this way is pleasing actually. The mechanism is sensitive, and needs proper care. According to Bulgari you can't adjust it too fast, and I think they recommend only adjusting it in one direction. In order to make setting the watch easier and safer (and to help reset the system if it gets stuck), there is an additional inset pusher that adjusts the hour disc. Over the case is a highly domed sapphire crystal. It does have a lot of AR coating but given the curve, it still reflects light. Nevertheless, the curved crystal is beautiful and offers a lot of legibility to the dial given its clarity.

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For what it is, I feel that the Louis Moinet Jules Verne Instrument III watch is a solid timepiece. Price is gonna be around ,000 (under) I believe. It certainly fits in the brand's character and is rather steampunky. I would suggest a few improvements for the piece however. First of all the bezel is nice, but I would have liked the parts to be milled a bit more crisply. I saw pre-production pieces so the final models might improve upon this. I would also like to see better AR coating on the crystal. Louis Moinet watches tend to feature richly curved sapphire crystals and I think a better AR application would highly improve dial legibility given the amount of glare you get. Brands like Girard-Perregaux get away with some amazingly high-quality curved crystals that brands can use as quality bars. Last, I suggested to them that the overall presentation would benefit from a better rubber strap design. The rubber itself is fine, but I see it as something that could benefit from a few more textures. I joked with them that the inner strap and outer strap should be juxtaposed. The strap just doesn't quite match the splendor of the case. I would personally attach a case-fitted strap that better suits the overall watch concept better. Look for this cool Jules Verne Instrument III (# 3) watch from Louis Moinet soon.

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Breguet Classique Chronometrie 10Hz Watch Hands-On